23rd March Pakistan Day History


23rd March Pakistan Day

Pakistan Day is a very important day in the history of Pakistan. This resolution was submitted by Pakistan. Resolution on the basis of which Pakistan Muslim League, the Indian subcontinent to achieve a homeland for Muslims and seven years after the movement succeeded in its demands that the Islamic Republic of Pakistan demanded. Uh, the name emerged on the world map Day ” March 23 “The general is a holiday in Pakistan. 23rd March Pakistan Day brief history of this day.
And 23 March 1956 adopted the first Constitution of Pakistan Asif Ali Zardari Pakistan Islamic Republic the Pakistan Islamic Republic made.Pakistan Armed Forces Special Parade on Pakistan Day

23rd March Pakistan Day

Celebrating  Pakistan
Category National
Events Parade, consultation on national medals
History 23 March
Repetition per annum

Special Parade on Pakistani Day: 23rd March Pakistan Day

Pakistan Day is on March 23 every year to celebrate the event, which is organized in Pakistan armed forces are paraded. Also, different state assets and various items are exhibited. People from across the country have gathered to watch the parade since 2008 due to security concerns and problems facing the country were not parade. But on March 23, 2020, to celebrate the start of the event happening again.

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