Federal Employee Salary Increase 2023 in Budget 2023-24

This is breaking and very good news for the employment of Federal Federal Govt has issued the notification regarding Federal Employee Salary Increase 2023. See this news all employees can be seen happy and they are thanking Government of Pakistan. The Cabinet Committee has approved the notification to increase the salary of all Govt employees from BPS-1 to BPS-16 respectively.

Punjab Govt Employees protest in Islamabad today on the demand for increasing salary of Punjab Govt employees also. The police of Islamabad are trying to stop the govt employees but the employees have broken the door of the Secretariat. Check the federal cabinet notification salary 2023.

Federal Govt Employees Salary Increase 2021

Govt of the Federal cabinet committee meeting was conducted by the chairmanship of Prime Minister Pakistan Imran Khan. The Federal cabinet meeting was held for the discussion on the subject of Federal Employee Salary Increase 2023 in the upcoming budget. There are up to 370,000 employees of the Government that are working the federal committee has approved to increase the salary of these government employees.

Federal Employee Salary Increase 2023 Notification

The Federal Cabinet meeting was arranged in the office of PM Pakistan Imran Khan where Pervez Khattak who is the Federal Minister for Defence gave the necessary briefing to the PM regarding the Govt Employee Salary increase.  All govt of Punjab employees protesting in Islamabad today 10th February the demand for an increase in Punjab Govt Employees salary federal cabinet notification salary. Federal Govt Employees Salary increased by the Govt of Pakistan.

Federal Employee Salary Increase 2023 Latest News

Read the latest news about Federal Employee Salary Increase 2023 in Budget 2023-24 from BPS 1 to BPS 22. The views were exchanged on the eve of the meeting regarding the Political and economic situation. On Tuesday Cabinet committee approved the decision to increase the salary Govt employees.

Now it is to see whether the govt of Punjab will increase the salary of Punjab Govt Employees or not.  In the last budget, the Govt increased the 40% salary of Federal Govt employees. This year the decision is still pending and waiting for final approval. This news is for the Federal Employee Salary Increase 2023 for Federal Government employees.

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