PPSC Mcqs Questions for Sub-Inspector etc

We know that you are worried about the PPSC Punjab exams to pass the exams with good marks, so here I have searched out some important and famous PPSC Mcqs questions for different posts/jobs, especially Sub-Inspector. These are solved papers for Police jobs. PPSC’s meaning is Punjab Public Service Commission. Punjab civil services exam is also held in Pakistan. The PPSC site is a very famous site in Pakistan. 

PPSC Mcqs Questions for Sub-Inspector etc

PPSC MCQs Questions (Solved) for Sub Inspector

Let’s see the PPSC MCQs questions that I have shared with you.

  1. LTE stands for long-term evolution.
  2. First Capital of Japan Kyoto 2nd in Tokyo.
  3. My Pakistan country is located in South Asia.
  4. Charles Babbage is the father of the computer.
  5. Apple Bran’s is Macintosh.
  6. Women were given the right to give vote in New Zeeland country.
  7. 9 of 1/3% is 2700.
  8. The Series of 2,6,18,54,___ is 162.
  9. Alt+Tab is a shortcut key for the next window on a computer.
  10. x, 9, 25, 49, 81, 121…… x is 1.
  11. Alt+F4 is a shortcut key to close a window.
  12. “Sadiq Khan” is the Current Mayor of London.
  13. 10% Sugar Solution of 8kg (8% for 10kg).
  14. Threat: Insecurity is Speed: Acceleration.
  15. Ctrl+M is a Shortcut key for opening new ppt slides.
  16. Astola Island is in Pakistan…
  17. √(13)4 = 169
  18. The smallest fraction is 5/7…
  19. In Microsoft Office Word 2016 ___ is not in the insert. (object)
  20. A common name for software error is (Bug).
  21. 70 Kuffar were killed in the battle of Badar.
  22. Demography mean the Statistical Study of the population is called Demography.
  23. NOS stands for the Network Operating system.
  24. Es. Salam is a major city in Tanzania.
  25. Rawalpindi conspiracy case (Faiz Ahmad Faiz).
  26. Beersheba Beach is located in Barbados.
  27. Disk Scanner is Disk Cleanup…
  28. CRT Cathode Ray Tube is used in _______. (Monitor)
  29. The Hockey world cup 2016 was held in (Kuantan, Malaysia).
  30. Civil Disobedient Movement (Gandhi).
  31. Leukemia is Blood Disease.
  32. The synonym of Anguish is Agony.
  33. Ch Rehmat Ali was buried in Cambridge.
  34. GUI stands for Graphical User Interface.
  35. A hybrid Computer is (Analog & Digital computer).
  36. Missing number in 4,6,10,18__________66 is (34)…
  37. The transfer of data from one place to another place is called Data Communication.
  38. A program destroys all of your computer programs (Virus).
  39. Correct indirect speech of “He asked ‘who speaks French” (He wanted to know who spoke French)
  40. Ali can type 50 words per minute how many words does he type in one hour. (3000)…
  41. The percentage is 12 of 36 is just 33.33%.
  42. A trackball, USB, Keyboard, and Mouse, is an input devices.
  43. Average of 8,13,25,43,11 is (20)….
  44. Imran khan is the 22nd Prime Minister of My lovely country Pakistan.
  45. Thomas Jefferson is the 3rd Prime Minister of the USA.
  46. RAM stands for Random Access Memory.
  47. ROM Stands for Read-Only Memory.
  48. CD Stand for Compact Disc.
  49. Hitler’s Biography is Mein Kamp.
  50. Observe is the closest meaning to Monitor.
  51. Babri Masjid is located in Uttar Pradesh India.
  52. LED stand for Light Emitting Diode
  53. Series of 8,13,10,15, 12,17, 14,__________ is 19.
  54. Linux, Unix Dos is an Operating System……
  55. Mary has traveled 116 km 1 day, 130 km 2 day, and 114 km 3 days his traveling average is (120km)…..
  56. Jack needs 2.5 pints for a desert, how many points for 3 deserts answer is (7.5)…
  57. ( 25 * 10 ) / (5 ( 6 – 4 ) 2) = 25 / 2
  58. In PowerPoint selected slide templates applied for __________. (all of these).
  59. The hockey team won 6 matches and lost 8 matches, how much ratio of win games to total? the answer is (3:7)……
  60. In MS-Excel which function automatically totals a column or rows? (SUM) which shortcut key is Alt+=……
  61. Which is not a major cause of email being bounced? (Bad user account name)
  62. If Ahmad reads 24 pages of a book in 15 minutes, so what is the rate of pages read per minute answer is (1.6)…..

PPSC MCQs Solved Question for Written Test

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PPSC Mcqs Questions for Sub-Inspector etc PPSC Mcqs Questions for Sub-Inspector etc PPSC Mcqs Questions for Sub-Inspector etc PPSC Mcqs Questions for Sub-Inspector etc