Single National Curriculum Details Meaning In Urdu SNC

This is the latest news for changing the curriculum as read Key features of Single National Curriculum details get in Urdu and English. By using internet services download Single National Curriculum Books PDF articles are written about this. TPA has requested the Punjab Curriculum Textbook Board PCBT to issue NOC.

Single National Curriculum Details Meaning In Urdu SNC

The government of Pakistan has taken good initiative for the school Education department by Single National Curriculum definition and meaning in Urdu. Students and teachers are searching about that what is the meaning of SNC Pakistan dawn news.

Read Online Single National Curriculum Details & Meaning in Urdu

All students would have the same and fair opportunity to get standard Quality education. Below read the key features of a Single National Curriculum.

The teaching of the Holy Book (Al-Quran) and Hadith of sunnah.

Education about the vision of Quaid e Azam and Allama Muhammad Iqbal (R.A).

Follow the National Policy.

Outcome-based approach.

Keep focus and vision on values.

Focus on Life skills based.

Follow the national standards.

Build Worldwide trends in the fields of Learning, Teaching, Evaluation, and Assessment.

Do respect for different religions and cultures etc.

Appreciate the cultures etc.

Constitutional Framework.

Focus on inclusive education.

Single National Curriculum Details Meaning In Urdu SNC also read above mentioned SNC key features. What are Single National Curriculum Details in Urdu PDF Meaning Definition get this online website? SNC Books in PDF download to make PPT slide share of Pakistan Single National Curriculum.