How to Ablution (Wudhu ka Tareqa) in Urdu and English

Ablution or wazoo is compulsory for pray, recitation of Holy Quran and Jinaza pray. It has some necessary steps that would be followed, first of all, make the intention that you are going for wazoo and start with the name of Allah by saying “Bismillah” wash your both hands from wrist to finger three-time.

How to Ablution (Wudhu ka Tareqa) in Urdu

Then put some water in the mouth three-time rinse it, after putting some water in the nose for cleaning it three-time. Wash your face three times from forehead to throat and from one ear to another, then clean or wash each arm three-time from elbow to hand. I also shear Method  of Ablution and wazoo ka tariqa in Urdu

Wazoo ka tariqa in Urdu

Ablution Taking: Wazoo Ka Tarika In Urdu